Actionable Intelligence

PrimeOne TM delivers a single-source, “in memory” analytical tool that uses real-time data to stream PnL and exposure detail.  It offers sub-second performance, enabling users the ability to perform unforeseen capabilities.

The software was developed by the team at Valprime, a Houston-based CTRM consultancy, who recognized the inefficiencies their clients were having while trying to manage an ever-expanding volume of data.


Actionable Insights

Features & Benefits for the Entire Trading Organization

PrimeOne TM includes built-in tools that reduce the timeframe for portfolio evaluation, monitoring and reporting from hours to minutes and benefits traders, management and compliance officers: Front Office, Risk Assessment Tools, & Compliance Tools.

Front office

Real-time PnL and Exposure – Watch your portfolio in real-time.  

Custom Transactions – Perform multiple analytics including the following:

  • Pre-trade Analysis –  Review portfolio impact before the trade is executed
  • “What if” Scenarios –  Load custom curves to see portfolio performance based on unforeseen market conditions
  • Model Assets – Input detailed asset models that incorporate asset option values in portfolio measurements

Business Intelligence Dashboard – Monitor trader/portfolio/asset performance with drill down capability

PLEX (P/L explained) – Drill down to understand portfolio performance

Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Automate the process of building training data and models.  Generate insight from A.I. and see how our advanced algorithms view your portfolio’s exposure.

Risk Assessment Tools

Real-time PnL and Exposure – Watch your portfolio in real-time and monitor transactions for accurate deal entry before the end-of-day process begins.  

User-friendly Dashboard –  Monitor trader/portfolio/asset performance with drill down capability.

PLEX (P/L explained)  Drill down to understand portfolio performance.

Stress Test – CTRM solutions take hours to produce a single PnL. PrimeOne TM can create 11×11 grids, shocking your portfolio 121 times in just seconds. You can also explore “fat tails” and look at your entire PnL surface.

Integrated Risk Metrics –  PrimeOne TM includes both value at risk (VaR) and cone of uncertainty (COUN) out of the box so you can monitor both metrics in seconds.

Compliance Tools

Real-time PnL and Exposure Monitoring – Compliance departments can evaluate and monitor the following in real-time:

  • Identify potential Wash Trades, with deal and context drilldown
  • Monitor trade limits
  • Monitor counterparty concertation


Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman


Energy Commodity and complex energy risk management Expert. Led Castleton’s $1.5 Billion acquisition of Morgan Stanley’s Physical Crude Assets, Calpine’s $1.65 Billion acquisition of 19 power plants, NRG’s $1.7 billion acquisition of Genon, NRG’s $2.6 billion acquisition of Edison Mission for Risk Management and portfolio consolidation.

Tim Lathrop

Tim Lathrop


20+ year energy Industry SME for Energy Trading, Risk, Settlements and Compliance (including Title VII of Dodd Frank). Advisor for trading compliance and best practice implementation. Expert at identifying physical assets optimization plays, capital investment, trade book reconciliations

Deepak Chandwani

Deepak Chandwani


Energy Industry Technology Expert. Pioneered solutions for Big data (case study). Led closures of large deals with customers such as Schulmberger, CenterPoint Energy, NRG and GM. Achieved over 40 MM in Sales, acquired 40+ new logos in last 4 years.

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