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Our proprietary calculation engine provides the user access to machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, which is at the heart of today’s technological innovations.

True Intra-day PnL and Exposure

PrimeOne TM integrates your market data feeds, streaming tickers and curves against your portfolio. And with sub-second valuations, you can stream your PnL and exposures in real-time.

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Price Shock your portfolio

CTRM solutions can take hours to produce a single PnL. PrimeOne TM creates 11×11 grids shocking your portfolio 121 times in seconds. You can also explore “fat tails” and look at your entire PnL surface.

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On-The-Fly Analytics

  • Pre- trade Analysis-  Review portfolio impact before the trade is executed.
  • “What if” Scenarios-  Load custom curves to see portfolio performance based on unforeseen market conditions.  Store and upload curve sets to calculate and stress your portfolio on the fly.
  • Unify data sources and use customizable “on-the-fly” analysis tools to monitor portfolio performance.  Make timely decisions with dynamic access to real-time data.
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Risk Analytics

PrimeOne TM includes both value at risk (VaR) and cone of uncertainty (COUN) out of the box.  Risk professionals can monitor full Monte Carlo Simulation Results “on-the-fly”.

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Artificial Intelligence

Power your commodity analytics with integrated A.I. PrimeOne TM automates the process of building training data and models.  Generate insight from A.I. and see how our advanced algorithms view your portfolio’s exposure.

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Monitor performance with our integrated dashboard tool. PrimeOneTM allows users to design a custom dashboard tailored for their unique needs.

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